The IGFA stands for
World Record Fishing

The 74 years’ worth of data we have collected in keeping fishing world records – data that anglers like you have submitted with their catches – has long been utilized by researchers to improve our understanding of our aquatic and marine resources. Recently we have expanded our data collection efforts beyond World Records. Data collected through new programs like IGFA’s Great Marlin Race and IGFACatchLog are being shared with scientists around the world to better manage our precious resources.

However, more collaboration with scientists and policy makers is needed to safeguard access to abundant fish and healthy waters in years to come – and that’s why we ask for your gift to support more and better fishing worldwide today.


We can protect our fisheries and the sport we love –
but we need your help.

2013 exclusive IGFA DVDs

Make a gift today and receive your choice of exclusive IGFA DVDs! Choose between our collection of how-to videos narrated by IGFA Hall of Fame inductee Mark Sosin, or collection of rare historic fishing videos from the vaults of the E.K. Harry Library of Fishes – yours with a gift or $25 or more, or both for a gift of just $50.

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